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Commercial Water Solutions

Restaurants, Bars, and Coffee Shops

Water Softeners

    • These will SAVE YOU MONEY by protecting your appliances.  Expensive Dishwashers, hot water heaters, and more​

  • Carbon Filters​​

    • Charcoal carbon filters are great for your ice machines, coffee makers, soda machines, and more.  This eliminates the carcinogens, creating better tasting water and eliminating particles from the supply

  • Reverse Osmosis Systems​

    • A commercial system through Tri-State Waterworks is specifically designed to support your customer base.  This provides clean, pure drinking water to your customers allowing for better taste and longer lasting equipment.​

Hospitality and Industrial

  • Usually share the same necessities as Restaurants, Bars, and Coffee Shops, but on a much larger scale.  A higher quantity of guest results in a higher water flow rate and a need for systems to support this demand.  Tri-State Waterworks has lots of experience in this arena and can provide you with the right solution for you business.​​

Rental Options

  • Starting and Maintaining a business is expensive.  Cash flow can quickly become an issue.  We recognize that problem here at Tri-State Waterworks and offer a solution to fit your budget.  We have rental units starting at $55 per month.  In 10 years when this system needs rebuilt, we provide this service FREE. 

A Few of the Businesses that enjoy our continued service:

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