Whole House Carbon Filters and Well Water Systems

What's in your water?

Whole House Carbon Filters

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Eliminate the Carcinogens in your water

  • Fluorine​

  • Benzine

  • Chlorine

  • many more...

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$450 Installed 



$999.99 Installed



$1,299.99 Installed (depending on size of unit)

Well Water Systems

Chlorination Retention System

​Removes MASS amounts of iron, bacteria, awful SMELLS, and much more...


  • Chemical Tank

  • Retention Tank

  • Carbon Filter

  • Water Softener

  • Brine Tank

  • Sediment/Iron Tank *if needed

10% off returning customers

starting at $3,499.99

Why Carbon Filters?

Because you NEVER KNOW what harmful chemicals, particles, and bacteria lie in the water your drink and bathe in. Remember Flint, Michigan? This could have been avoided if your home had a system from Tri-State Waterworks.  We already know that there is fluorine, chlorine, and benzene in our water among other things.  In Norwood, Ohio a DEAD BIRD was found in the water tanks that supply the city.  (click the link for article reference)

Carbon is a self sacrificing element that will absorb harmful chemicals in your water supply.  These chemicals CAN and WILL cause skin cancer and other bodily issues.  Tri-State Waterworks will help you feel comfortable with your water supply.  Now that you know what's in your water, let us purify your water supply!